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Heart Church

In March 2022 as a church we planted a new Free Methodist Church, in Morecambe, Heart Church, which is led by Dan & Becky Cronin. Before planting Heart Church, Dan was Associate Pastor here at Heysham FM, and Becky led our Sunday School. Together with a team made up of people from Heysham FM and others, Dan & Becky are planting a church with a huge heart for God and for the town of Morecambe.


Back in 2019, Dan & Becky sensed God was calling them to plant a church in the heart of Morecambe. After sharing this call with the Leadership Team here at Heysham FM, we as a church decided to partner in this as the ‘mother church’ supporting with prayer, people, finance and governance for the initial years of the Heart Church launching. We are excited to see

what God is going to do Morecambe

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